Our products are carefully crafted and finished. They are characterised by interesting form and fine design. Additionally, we have possibilities to label and personalise our products. For this, we apply the following techniques:

Computerised embroidery

A traditional method of marking, perfectly suited to ornamenting felt bags, which fills the product with character and makes it complete. Felt bags and gadgets are embroidered after being cut, thanks to which we are able to place the embroidery anywhere we want, preserving 100% repeatability of the pattern.

Screen printing

The cheapest method of direct printing, used for large production volumes. Thanks to marking the pattern, we can freely choose the placement of the label on the bag or other product.

Screen printed heat transfer

It is a method of indirect printing. We use it for multicolour printing. First, the pattern is screen-printed on paper or transfer film, and then it is transferred to felt as a whole.

Laser engraving

A method which allows for discreet and remarkable labelling advertising gadgets. The pattern is burnt in the felt, creating a delicate darkened engraving.

Appliqué designs

We can decorate our products with appliqué designs made of materials other than felt, combined with embroidery, sequins, bugles etc.